What's The Difference Of Cardboard Display
- Jun 20, 2018 -

    Although many people now know that paper shelves are made of corrugated cardboard, many people still do not understand the difference between paper and other materials. Today, Shenzhen POP Partner Ltd. and everyone to explain the difference between paper shelves and ordinary traditional shelves:

First: Corrugated cardboard shelves, in fact, the most important role is to carry out better advertising for the product; cardboard surface can carry out a variety of color printing, has a great effect on consumer visual impact.

Second: The cardboard display rack has good plasticity and can produce a variety of styles.

Third: Cardboard shelves can be arbitrarily disassembled, which greatly saves logistics transportation costs and storage space for display racks.

Fourth: The cardboard shelf is a recyclable environment-friendly display rack that meets the national environmental protection requirements

Fifth: Corrugated board display racks can also be mixed with other materials, such as Andy board, KT board, wood board, etc. can be combined together.