The Role Of Paper Display Stand In The Exhibition
- Feb 05, 2018 -

1. Booth

Have you ever noticed that your booth is plain and simple, and that you simply add it as a booth for display items? Actually does not need how unconventional, only needs and your product unifies, in the entire layout unique but the harmonious display on the line, if large-scale more important exhibition's paper display frame may also according to the overall layout style, the product shape custom booth to be better outstanding characteristic, Let the booth be the bridge between you and the visitors, not the fortress.

2. Diamond Class layout

The Diamond class layout often attracts local customer base, sophisticated design and aggregated display will make this kind of customer go straight to your booth to do the demand in consultation without other examples such as jamming and loitering the Diamond class layout is characterized by centralization and pertinence, if you already have a clear customer pointing, Can be in the diamond category based on the layout of the characteristics, attract customers generally higher quality.