The Moisture Content Of The Roll Paper
- May 19, 2018 -

The moisture content of the roll paper was checked with a pin moisture meter. Sampling according to GB13024-2003 and GB13023-1997. The test was performed on both ends of the roll paper, and three reference points were evenly taken. The depth of insertion was not less than 0.6 cm. Take the average of the six points tested as the moisture content of the roll paper. In the raw paper supply contract, the delivery moisture is generally specified, for example (8.0 ± 2.0)%.

The tested roll paper moisture content is qualified within the scope of delivery moisture, otherwise it is treated according to the agreement of both parties, and the excess water must generally be deducted. The specific method is as follows: If the moisture content of the roll paper M1 exceeds the upper limit of delivery moisture Ma, the weight of the roll paper is W, the weight to be deducted is W×(M1Ma)/Ma; if the moisture content of the roll paper M1 is lower than the lower limit of delivery moisture Mb Roll paper must be on-line trial, does not affect the normal production and quality of finished products according to qualified processing, or return. It is worth mentioning that the moisture content of the test roll paper is carried out when the roll paper is accepted into the factory. When the workshop is used, it needs to follow-up on the spot, that is, quality tracking, and find out the problems in a timely manner and contact the supplier to solve.

Then, the performance test of the base paper. Since the general carton factory does not have the conditions for temperature-controlled room testing and the timeliness of the inspection is taken into consideration, normal testing should be adopted. As long as there is no obvious defect on the surface of the roll paper, it can be sampled in the second layer, and the technical indicators such as the quantitative, ring crush strength, burst strength, crack length, and water absorption can be measured according to the methods proposed by relevant national standards.