The Function And Characteristic Of Paper Shelf
- Feb 05, 2018 -

1, paper display shelf appearance can be color printing, is an excellent advertising carrier;

2, paper display shelf all (or mainly) by printing paper and high hardness cardboard, enough to carry promotional merchandise, and comply with stringent environmental requirements;

3, applicable to a variety of large-scale promotional activities, stores, shopping malls, exhibitions and so on, patterns, colors, modelling can be free and innovative design, propaganda effect is excellent;

4, light weight, can be folded and stacked, saving logistics costs, can be reversed and reused;

5, the economy and extremely practical, the use of sellers, such as product appearance patterns and other factors to improve the disposal of recycling Department convenience.

6, can be based on customer and the requirements of the carrier to choose different paper materials, and other materials (metal, wood, plastic, etc.) to form a mixed structure exhibition 7, to facilitate the supplier from the origin of loading directly to the final sales point of packaging sales, saving the cost of repeated stacking and loading.

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