The Development Course Of Paper Display Packaging Products
- Feb 05, 2018 -

In fact, the invention of paper has been 2000 years of history, in addition to as an important carrier of information transmission, paper also has a prominent function, that is packaging.

Paper products packaging is paper and pulp as the main raw material packaging materials products, product range including cartons, carton, paper bag, paper tube, paper cans, such as paper containers, pulp molded egg, industrial packaging liner, paper pallets, paper guarding angle, such as paper liner materials or packaging materials: Corrugated board, honeycomb cardboard and other plates: as well as paper boxes, paper cups, Paper plate and other disposable tableware. As the basic raw materials for paper products, specially used for packaging paper and paperboard, but also belong to the category of paper products packaging.

Papermaking first began in the Western Han Dynasty, according to the Han book. Xiao Cheng Zhou biography, "The basket is covered with a medicine, the horse hoof book." Ching Note Yue: "The horse hoof, thin small paper also." This is the earliest literature record of the Western Han Dynasty paper. Because at that time the Western Han Dynasty paper is too rare, the use is not common, silk silk bamboo is still the main writing tool, so the paper can not be used in large quantities as packaging material is obvious. Until Donghangunxing year (A.D. 105) by the Shang Cai Lun in summing up the experience of the foundation on the basis of a cheap "cai Hou paper", paper as a new milestone in packaging on the stage of history. Since then, in the Tang Dynasty, after engraving printing, paper as packaging has been further development, the packaging of goods on the paper began to print simple ads, patterns and symbols. And the most common in modern society carton, appeared in the early 19th century, the United States, Britain, France and other countries have started to develop cardboard production technology, until around 1850, the United States has invented folding carton and production technology, this is the real meaning of the packaging industry to become an important raw material.