Recent Developments In Paper Industry--rising Raw Material Prices
- Feb 05, 2018 -

Why did the raw materials rise?

Recent waste paper, coal and other raw materials prices continue to rise, manufacturing costs continue to increase, the original paper prices to make adjustments.

Why has the price of waste paper, which has always been quiet, suddenly gone mad recently?

"The main factor leading to this round of waste paper is speculative speculation." "Industry experts analysis, the recent devaluation of the pressure of the renminbi, so that domestic funds to maintain strong desire." The housing market has been suppressed, and many hot money has been eyeing the recent surge in commodities. In addition, the introduction of the September National Transportation New Deal, more let the commodity rising expectations strong, coal prices doubled, black system pulled up sharply, last year, the price of the cement jumped to 80%. Waste paper as a more widely used raw materials, is now also taken up by the hot money, leading to the price impact of the historical high, speculation atmosphere is almost the 2008 financial crisis level.

Increased cost of transportation costs

As the weather becomes colder, the amount of paper delivered will be delayed. The increase in freight will be a long-term influence on the price of waste paper. In addition, the domestic waste paper market share has increased due to the control of import waste paper quota in recent period. At present, not only the domestic price of paper products rise, import paper prices in the early fall in the background gradually higher.