Pepsi Two Distinctive Slogans
- May 18, 2018 -

The Pepsi paper shelf shows you a different image of Pepsi. There are two distinctive slogans on the front. The front is: LIVE FOR NOW. The back is: CHILLY FIZZY FUN.


PepsiCo's responsibility is to continuously improve the surrounding world in all aspects of the environment, society, economy, and create a better future. PepsiCo's sustainable development vision is the basis of the "PepsiCo's commitment." It expresses our basic belief that only actions that are beneficial to the society are legitimate acts of the enterprise. This involves the prosperity of the entire world and the healthy development of the company itself.


We are determined to build PepsiCo as the world's leading consumer goods company specializing in convenience foods and beverages. While providing development and income-generating opportunities for our employees, business partners and business locations, we also strive to provide investors with a healthy return on investment. Honesty, openness and fairness are the principles that all our business activities follow.