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- Apr 18, 2018 -

Zhangjiakou News Network (Reporter Zuo Zhiqiang) Spring Festival, Bringing gifts to visiting relatives and friends is a tradition. The liquor market entered the peak season at the end of the year. Dealer competition was in full swing, and public spending was more rational. Recently, the reporter visited a number of supermarkets in the city and the tobacco and alcohol wholesale monopoly dealership. It was learned that high-end white liquor continued to cut prices, and that low-end and middle-end liquors further seized the market, and promotional efforts were generally increased. Among them, sales of white spirits with a price of around 100 yuan have increased significantly. According to industry insiders, due to the continuous impact of restricting the “three public consumption”, the liquor market has switched from the era of "name wine", which is mainly based on public spending, to the era of "ministries."

Large-scale supermarkets: popular drinks are popular

Reporters visited the major supermarkets in the city and discovered that the Spring Festival promotional price of liquor has already been “put on the table” and the liquor price is about 100 yuan. The pre-holiday activities are the most intense. Compared to the high-end liquor market, tepid, the low-end liquor is "big boom". In Yonghui Supermarket Wine Promotion Zone, white wines with promotional labels such as “Buy One Get One Free” and “Special Offer” were placed in the most prominent position in the event area.

The reporter noticed that almost every booth had promoters zealously recommend to consumers. The people who came to buy and consult were in an endless stream. The shopping guides were also busy. “I was going to buy some wine and keep my own drink during the Chinese New Year. I didn’t expect that the sales promotion of the liquor gift box would be so great. When I bought one and get one, I would pick two boxes and give gifts for the Chinese New Year.” Mr. Li, the citizen, purchased a price 100 yuan liquor gift box. Xiaowu Wu, a promoter of pure pulp liquor from Maotai Town, Guizhou Province, told the reporter: “The Spring Festival is approaching, and many manufacturers are admitting this opportunity, and the sales promotion is generally much larger than in previous years. Consumers also figure a benefit. The original price is 98 yuan. , Now 58 yuan to buy one get one, dozens of boxes a day, during the Spring Festival promotional period sometimes also out of stock." In the Emperor Guang-Deng Supermarket wine promotion area, before the holiday of the wine to buy gifts, price cuts and other promotional activities are also in full swing. In addition to the promotion of the exhibition area, supermarket brands, liquor, wine, beer showcase have posted different degrees of discount.

In the Tesco Supermarket Wine Promotion Zone, the high-end wine display racks were deserted. Ms. Wang, a sales promoter, said that the sales of high-end wine market this year was more severe than last year, and the sales of thousands of products were sluggish. During the visit, the reporter found that the retail price of about 100 yuan was widely favored by consumers. Consumers tend to be rational in purchasing alcoholic products and pay more attention to cost-effectiveness. After buying gifts, middle and low-end liquors occupy supermarkets. Half of the wine sales, this also gives the white wine market after a brief “cool” usher in a new sales peak.

Insider: High-end liquor crisis

According to the information the reporter visited, at present, the purchase of liquor is all ordinary customers, and the popular consumption has hindered the high-end liquor market. The concept of liquor consumers gradually tends to rationality. Holiday gifts are no longer blindly demanding high-priced liquor. Instead, they value the brand and cost-effectiveness of liquor. Many consumers told reporters bluntly, "This liquor is used to drink, not just to see, so the taste, quality is much more important than the packaging." This is a tip for the liquor companies, astronomical liquor is not the market demand, To increase sales and increase market share, it is necessary to introduce high-value liquor products. Of course, the change in the liquor market is a microcosm of the entire gift market. The demand for the high-end gift market is falling, and rational consumption is the current trend.

In sharp contrast to this, the sale of low-end liquors is springing up. Zhang Bingji, general manager of Hetao Wine and Dong Bing, general manager of Tianquan Sugar Wine Direct Selling Center, believes that the liquor market at the beginning of this year was mainly affected by some policies. “Sangong Consumption” and “Liquor Restriction” are all factors that cause the downturn in the liquor market. During the Spring Festival, the price of high-end liquors will be significantly reduced, and the promotion of medium and low-end liquor will be even greater. The overall sales of liquor will increase significantly. Therefore, low-end liquor or the protagonist of the Lunar New Year liquor market in the Year of the Horse.

Yan Guihai, president of the Zhangjiakou Agent Association, said that before the Spring Festival, it was the peak period of liquor sales. Alcohol production dealers carried out preferential activities to capture the peak of Spring Festival consumption. In comparison with previous years, this year's wine market is still beginning to be "heavy."