Note That These Five Types Of Poor Paper Towels
- Feb 05, 2018 -

1, talc: Some production units to reduce costs, in the toilet paper production process to add talc, in order to improve the retention rate of talcum powder at the same time to add starch, resulting in the weight of toilet paper, the appearance of small size, cheap but very bad;

2., Color too white: some manufacturers in order to meet consumer psychology, improve the whiteness of the paper, the use of fluorescent brightener in production, and fluorescent whitening agent is a carcinogenic effect of complex organic compounds. Or the use of a large number of bleach, resulting in the paper's internal fiber is severely damaged, paper tensile force is particularly small, no strength, resulting in a significant increase in the number of use;

3, there are peculiar smell: some manufacturers of raw materials used in the production of toilet paper is mainly wheat straw and three of life waste paper, bacteria seriously exceeded, had to use a large number of chemical disinfection, but not to remove the smell of paper, use will cause a variety of diseases;

4, to expand: some manufacturers to increase the volume of paper, like popcorn in the raw material to add a large number of puffed agent, the production of toilet paper volume is particularly large, to consumers caused by the number of toilet paper, but also the illusion of softness, but the effect is particularly poor, pull very small, almost no water

5, poor quality paper napkin bacteria exceeded, and may contain lead and other heavy metals, long-term use of human health will cause adverse effects.