Kinda's Funny Eggs' Crazy Friends Island Display Stand
- Apr 10, 2018 -

Recently, the world-famous brand of chocolate for healthy parenting, Jianda Chocolate, and the joint game company Encapa, designed a playful paper display stand for the product, and put it on display. Named "Crazy Fun Island".

"Crazy Island" design ideas come from the character prototype in Encapa online games. Its design aims to highlight the world of innovation so that children can explore the world in this game.

First of all, “Crazy Fun Island” is mainly fresh and lovely in color. Blue is the ocean, green is the grass, and brown is the land. Second, the designer added many character elements in the game and designed the form of the founder. The gorgeous colors and rich graphics highlighted the word "joy."

Finally, considering the lively character of the children, the designers designed the display stand to be a four-dimensional model. In this way, the child can see the Kintaji eggs from any position while walking freely. In addition, the display rack is equipped with irregular stereoscopic game character elements, making the display stand more vivid and vivid. In short, the entire display looks like a big toy.

"Crazy Fun Island" is not only a matter of appearance, but also unambiguous in considering security issues. The paper shelf is light and four-dimensional stereoscopic display is stable. Even if it is impacted, it is not easy to dump, so you can avoid hitting children.

Believe that this irregularly shaped display stand, together with colorful graphics, will surely make Kinda's interesting eggs stand out in retail sales.

Kinder display.jpg