How To Manage Fog And Haze In Paper Industry
- Feb 05, 2018 -

I believe a lot of people in movies or TV dramas have seen such a plot: an expert in the cultivation of the way to make their own to achieve a high level, will be a bad part of the division out, thus becoming a danger to the world of the devil. Haze is the demon that we in the 21st century split up to harm the world in pursuit of something better. For the haze many people only know that its harm to the ingredients may be only a little knowledge, the following first for everyone the composition of fog haze: haze is a mixture of fog and haze, morning and evening when the humidity is large, the composition of fog. During daytime humidity hours, haze dominates, relative humidity between 80% and 90%. The fog is a natural weather phenomenon, the air vapor dense. Although the dust as a condensation nucleus, but the overall non-toxic harmless, the core of haze is suspended in the air smoke, dust and other substances, air relative humidity less than 80%, yellow color. The gas can be directly entered and adhered to the human lower respiratory tract and lung, which is harmful to human health. The formation of haze weather is mainly man-made environmental pollution, coupled with low temperature, small wind and other natural conditions lead to contamination is not easy to spread.