How To Find A Paper Display Rack Manufacturer
- Jun 06, 2018 -

1, so many manufacturers of paper display racks, why not every family can do a paper display stand? One important reason is the complex structure of the paper display stand. Structural design is the soul of the paper display rack. Its shape is ever-changing. It takes a piece of paper to achieve a problem that is inherently difficult. As paper is used to achieve load-bearing, structural requirements are high. Therefore, a good structure designer is necessary to make a high-quality paper display stand. Structural design software is also very important. A good software can do more with less.

2. Equipped with automatic proofing machine, the efficiency of proofing is improved while the advantages of structural optimization are prominent. It takes only 1 to 2 days for us to draw a paper display stand and it takes about 3 days for the complex. Those who haven't been able to make a few days without a prototype will not have the time to do prototypes. Such a plant will not have time to optimize the structure, and things produced will not be very good, especially when it comes to those complicated structures.

3. The quality of the structural design directly affects the quality of the produced racks. The paper is not like the wood iron. The appearance of the proof is what it looks like. It is time for the paper display stand to be proofed. The paper has already been flattened, and the proof is generally good. Many customers feel good when they receive the model, but usually some manufacturers produce rubbish, and the effect of placing the goods on the market is not enough to achieve the desired effect of the paper display rack, instead affecting the company's image. In fact, when designing the structure of the paper display rack, it must be considered that the deformation in the production process must be taken into consideration, and the attitude of the owner of the factory must be considered, because the quality of the materials directly affects the deformation and the load bearing of the shelves. Nowadays many quotes are made of this material. Production is stealing material, trying to cut costs and earning more. In the end, it is not worth the candle. Therefore, we advise all major customers that the price is definitely not the standard for whom you are placing orders.

4, plant site. The size of the paper display rack is relatively large, 100 to 200 sets occupy one container, and the required site area is at least 1,000 square meters or more.