How Is The Quantitative Test
- May 19, 2018 -

Quantitative test is mainly to see if there is overweight or insufficient weight; the most critical of the ring pressure strength and burst strength test, the test results using regression analysis (see the article "The effect of moisture content on the strength of corrugated board"), and then refer to The two sides agreed that you can know whether it is qualified; the test crack length is mainly to understand the tensile strength of the base paper, which can be used as the main basis for the application of tile line; water absorption determines the adhesive properties of the base paper, printing performance, atmospheric moisture impact The degree of intensity, and so on. Other aspects, such as tightness, smoothness, folding resistance, flat compressive strength, oil permeability, etc., are determined according to specific needs.

Finally, carefully record each batch of paper inspection results, analyze and compare, and retain excellent suppliers (quality, price, and timely delivery), and remove unqualified suppliers from the supplier list. The inspection result of the base paper is used as an important reference in the configuration of the base paper of the line board.