Hexagonal Corrugated Paper
- Mar 27, 2018 -

In order to reduce the cost of packaging agricultural products, the Nagano Agricultural Association (JA Nagano) has developed corrugated cartons for hexagonal agricultural product packaging. By improving the shape of the carton, the two corners of the diagonal line are cut off, which saves both the amount of paper used and the strength of use.

Hexagon Corrugated carton.jpg

The new carton will be experimentally introduced into the plateau vegetable production area in Nagano Prefecture to observe market reactions. The new packaging carton is expected to control the cost of agricultural products and will be widely used in the agricultural industry in Nagano Prefecture in the future.

In the past, how to control the cost of agricultural products, Nagano Agricultural Association had done experiments and efforts, for example, by changing the material and thickness of the paper to control the cost, but in the end can not take into account the intensity of use, the effect is limited. Afterwards, the Agricultural Association turned its attention to the shape of a carton. Two years ago, he cooperated with Nagano Sen Paper, a papermaking company in Shiono City, Nagano City, to promote research and development. He found the best of both worlds this spring and applied for a patent.

When the hexagonal carton is put into a circular agricultural product, corner clearance can be saved, and the strength of the carton is also increased due to the increased number of corners. Taking a carton that can hold 15 kilograms of cabbage as an example, the amount of paper used in the package can save 0.932 square meters, which can save about 3% of the cost. The surface on which the corners are cut off can also be printed in the production area, which serves as a publicity effect that does not have the eyeballs that are generally available in cartons.