Focus On Roll Paper Rising
- May 19, 2018 -

Check whether the label of the roll paper is clear, whether the packaging is defaced, and whether the base paper is damaged or damp. If it is damaged or damp, it should be deducted. (The damage can use the packaging area "paper scrap weight calculation" online tool software) the specific method is as follows: If damage, moisture occurs on the side of the roll paper, from the outside to the number of layers that are not damaged, damp, such as N = 32 layers (from the 33rd layer without damage, moisture), and then measure the distance D from the 16th layer to the axis, such as D = 0.55 meters, combined with the roll paper size L (unit: meters) and the base paper quantitative G (unit : g/m2), the weight to be deducted is W=10-3G×L×(2×3.14×D)×N (unit: kilogram). If damage or moisture occurs on the end face of the roll paper, it is generally not allowed to exceed 2 cm, otherwise it will be handled as a return.

Check whether the roll paper joints are marked on the end surface. Whether the end surface of the roll paper is flush with the shaft core or not, whether the core of the roll paper core has a core phenomenon, whether the two end surfaces of the roll paper have the same diameter, and the tightness of the rewind and two Whether the end faces are elastic and consistent, whether the binding of the roll paper conforms to the standard, whether there is a color difference in the batch of roll papers, and so on.