Faced With The Rise In Paper Prices
- May 19, 2018 -

In particular, in recent years, the domestic industrial base paper has gained a lot of enthusiasm, but midstream packaging and printing companies are unable to conduct timely delivery to downstream customers, leading to a sharp reduction in corporate profit margins. Therefore, how to strictly control the inspection of incoming raw materials has become the key to improving the competitiveness of enterprises and reducing unnecessary cost loss.

Therefore, when packaging and printing companies purchase base paper, please do the following:

The first is to verify whether the delivery code is the same as the purchase plan and whether the arrival quantity is the same as the delivery code. The type, labeling quantity, specifications, and number of pieces of the base paper can be confirmed on the spot. The weight can be weighed by the division scale, and the deviation must be controlled within ±3 inches (three-thousandths of an inch). Deficiency should be deducted.