Development Trend Of Paper Products Industry
- Feb 05, 2018 -

With the national attention to environmental protection, paper industry is certainly towards small pollution, low cost direction of development, waste paper two times will take up a large proportion of raw materials. Paper products should be present in a pluralistic situation, more and more new types of paper materials will be developed, especially now a lot of conventional paper, such as coated paper, newsprint, offset printing, writing paper, etc. almost the market has been saturated, and even the state of oversupply, so a considerable part of the export. and special paper should be a good development prospects of the professional, especially paper incense, leather off-type paper, electronic paper and so on in the domestic use of large and is currently fully dependent on imported paper, the development prospects are very good.

From the paper product industry development, these new products may be a good development direction, but out of these new paper products, for some of the old paper products industry, we also need to improve, such as paper packaging boxes, paper shelves, paper advertising display, these paper products will also accompany us a long way, but also irreplaceable, But domestic designs for these areas are far less than foreign. Therefore in the paper product design "Big Kung Fu" will also be a future paper products industry trend, heavy design, heavy beauty is the social Progress love life performance, so want to enter the developed countries, visual design is also very important. and paper products is the most common visual communication media, so with the social progress of the paper industry will pay more attention to design, and then there will be a large number of excellent design this generation.