Cute Doll Tutorial Made Of Corrugated Paper
- Apr 08, 2018 -

The cute little doll is always very noticeable on the roadside or in the office. You can also do it yourself. You can also make some of these little dolls to decorate your life in your spare time.

The following is a small, clean little doll made from corrugated paper. It's lovely, and it's a good gift on Teacher's Day.

Main material: corrugated paper, tools needed: scissors, glue,

Production steps:

Step 1: Make skin color and white corrugated paper separately

Step 2: Then stick together

Step 3: Place a wide corrugated paper on the outer bun, and cut a triangle in the middle to look like a hair.

Step 4: Then glue it with a wide paper on the back, it's like a hat.

Step 5: Then make the body part

Step 6: This makes clothes from narrow paper

Step 7: Make your head and body separately. Then just stick it together.

Step 8: The little doll that is completed like this is super cute.

Corrugated doll.png