Cardboard Up Four Times A Week, More Than 57 Factories Increase Prices Or Stop Orders!
- May 11, 2018 -

Cardboard "up four times a week", more than 57 factories increase prices or stop orders!

April is the off-season every year, and prices are slowly rising in May, but this wave of price increases is really a bit fierce! In the past two days, another 57 cardboard price increases were added. Due to the rising pressure of raw materials, Hexing, Rongcheng and Shanying also joined the camp. And a number of paperboard factories have seen a number of price increases within a week. A paperboard factory in Zhejiang province has risen four times in a week, with a cumulative increase of up to 21%. However, this is nothing. The single price increase of this wave jumped directly from 8% of the previous wave to 15%. Cardboard factory reminds: The future market can not be estimated, the price is not the highest, only higher! Please order rationally!

Due to the pressure on the upstream, together with the difficulty in purchasing raw paper and the backlog of orders, many paperboard factories such as Shanghai Solid Paper and Xinyong Yongsheng Paper and Paper products began to rise several times a week. What's more, there has been a two-day price increase.