Advantages Of Using Paper Display Stand For Cosmetics
- Feb 05, 2018 -

1, Green: Paper display frame is in line with the requirements of international environmental protection organizations, is a green environmental protection products, discarded paper display can be recycled through recycling, international trends, import and export exemption, simplifying procedures, cosmetics are also pursuing green, people and nature in harmony with the concept, Therefore, cosmetics using paper display frame to conform to the needs of the development of the Times.

2, high quality and low price: the value of the paper display frame and the same kind of metal display frame, wooden display frame, plexiglass display frame compared to its role and show the effect is the same or better, and other materials can be used organically, but the price is far less than the same material products.

3, Advertising: Paper display shelf has advertising value. If marketing is a language art! Then the use of media to disseminate information, that is the visual arts! The most intuitive communication to consumers of visual information is the media pop advertising tools-paper display. On the surface of the paper display can be designed to meet the cosmetics personalized copy and advertising language, printing on the paper display on the shelf is exquisite, highlighting the charm of cosmetics, bee, that is, pop advertising benefits. The propaganda of the paper display frame can build the brand of cosmetics enterprise in the terminal, improve the image of the enterprise, and can create high sales.