What's inferior paper products
- May 19, 2018 -

According to statistics, 39.7% of restaurants use non-regular channels for purchasing catering paper. Unqualified tissues may contain substances that cause skin irritation, respiratory infections, and even carcinogenesis, such as fluorescers that are migratory, deinking agents, dioxins, heavy metals, excessive bacteria...

Some raw materials for the production of toilet paper may use waste paper, which may contain the above-mentioned harmful substances. The poor quality toilet paper is generally produced in a small factory without a hygiene permit. The disinfection measures are not complete and some bacteria may remain in the paper. Using these inferior toilet papers as napkins, it is easy to wipe the remaining brighteners and other toxic substances in the paper onto the mouth and eat them in the stomach.

Long-term use of poor quality toilet paper is prone to infection:

First, inhalation of harmful fungi, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, E. coli, etc., can cause diseases such as enteritis, typhoid, dysentery, and some may also carry hepatitis;

Second, residual brighteners in poor quality toilet paper have caused harmful dust to enter the respiratory tract and have adverse effects;

Third, it will irritate the skin and cause skin irritation.