What's Corrugated Cardboard Chair
- Jul 19, 2018 -

Starting from the conventional concept, the most contact with the ground is definitely the best weight bearing effect. After satisfying this requirement, what is the best way to calculate the load bearing capacity of the paper? Let me give you the simplest example. How can a piece of paper stand up? A flat A4 paper can't stand up, if it is folded once? What effect will it be, it will definitely be fine. After folding a hundred times? He can not only stand up, but also have a good bearing capacity. So here, I think the weight bearing effect of the 100-fold structure is the best. It can be long or short, stretch and shrink, does not take up space, and is suitable for small-sized families.

Corrugated cardboard.png  Family chair.png

Details.png  chair2.png

Corrugated chair.png