What are the requirements for printing on paper?
- Apr 09, 2018 -

What are the requirements for printing on paper?

1, coated paper

Coated paper, also known as printed coated paper, is made by coating a white paste on a base paper and calendering it. The paper has a smooth surface, a high whiteness, a small stretchability, and a very good ink absorption and reception state. It is mainly used for printing high-end books and magazine covers and illustrations, color pictures, all kinds of exquisite product advertisements, samples, merchandise packaging boxes, and trademarks.

Matte coated paper, compared with coated paper, not too reflective. With its printed pattern, although the coated paper is not colorful, the pattern is more delicate and more upscale than the coated paper. The printed images and images have a three-dimensional effect, and thus the coated paper can be widely used for printing graphic arts, advertisements, landscapes, exquisite wall calendars, and character photographs.

2, paper jam

Cardboard is an ideal material for high-end packaging. Its good feel, ideal color and dot transfer conditions, as well as stiffness and surface strength are the reasons designers choose. According to the requirements of different packaging boxes, designers can make design choices for various types of cardboard.

(1) white cardboard

The characteristics of white cardboard are not only high whiteness, but also soft and elegant gloss, good dot transfer when printing, level and color reproduction can reach a very high level, and delicate touch. Designers often use white cardboard for gift boxes, make-up boxes, wine boxes, hangtags and other high-end products.

(2) Glass cardboard

Glass paperboard is a type of paperboard produced by vitrification of the surface of white paperboard. The surface gloss of this paper is very high, and the hand feels smooth. Its visual effect is better than that of cardboard and coated paper after UV polishing. At a high level, products made from this kind of cardboard are very bright and colorful. Designers often use glass cardboard for the packaging of pharmaceuticals and high-end cosmetics.

3, board paper

The paperboard is a laminated paper with a basis weight of 220g/m2, 240g/m2, 250g/m2, 400g/m2, 450g/m2. The range is very wide, and the largest variety of materials can be selected. This kind of paper has a certain degree of stiffness and surface strength, especially for coated white paper because it has a surface coating, printing ink is not easy to penetrate, the amount is less, and the color and dot transfer of the printed image are good. However, the disadvantage is that the flatness is poor and the printing speed is slow. Another disadvantage is that the feel is rough compared with the paper jam.

4, corrugated cardboard

The most commonly used is corrugated paperboard. The color of corrugated paperboard itself is quite dark. Therefore, when choosing the printing color, we must consider using ink with strong color saturation and strong coloring ink (such as big red). Otherwise, the printed color There is a big gap in the color of hope. The ink viscosity is the main indicator that needs to be controlled in the printing of corrugated cardboard. It is one of the main factors that affect the printing color condition.

Corrugated cardboard is used in display racks for various industries such as food, clothing, sporting goods, IT products, daily necessities, automotive supplies, music, books, etc.

In order to meet the diversification of paper display stands, it is more liked by consumers and often used together with other materials, so that the paper display stands can carry more styling and novelty.