The problem of correcting the size of corrugated carton
- Feb 05, 2018 -

General corrugated board through the molding process so that it can get good bending. Molded corrugated cardboard structure damage, will lead to paper shrinkage, Surface paper extension, this bend changes make corrugated cardboard extended size into corrugated box design of the basic dimensions. Therefore, the diameter of the corrugated box than the corrugated box expansion of the line and the distance between the lines slightly shorter. This will be reduced to the part of the size of the added, this added size and the use of corrugated cardboard thickness is closely related. Corrugated box in the actual production also in accordance with the specific use of equipment to choose the appropriate correction coefficient and additional dimensions. The correction coefficient value look-up table can be obtained.

The production of corrugated box is generally based on the size of the inner diameter to design. Because the size of the inner diameter is easier to determine, it is achieved and determined by physical measurement or by the combination of a suit, a reasonable outside diameter size of the arrangement. However, in the actual operation, whether the calculation of freight, or the size of the box surface signs, the size of the external diameter shall prevail. Therefore, in the corrugated box design, not only according to the size of the inner diameter to determine the size of the manufacturing, but also based on the size of the manufacturing dimensions.