The difference between paperboard and paper
- Feb 05, 2018 -

The general name of our paper, broadly speaking, is contained in paper and paperboard two terms. In fact, the number of differences between paper and paperboard is only from its quantitative (per square metre area paper page has relative weight) to distinguish. Folk generally 200g/㎡ the paper as paper, 200g/㎡ above paper is called cardboard. In the past, China's paper and paperboard quantitative provisions are: in the 150㎡ of the following is called paper, 200g/㎡ above is called cardboard. A paper Jam (original paper) between 150-200g/㎡ is called.

We usually refer to thin tissue as paper and thick paper as cardboard. But in order to communicate with foreign information, communication technology, now in accordance with the recommendations of international standards organizations, the difference between the paper and paperboard standard quantitative determination as 225g/㎡.