Supermarket Display Rack Design
- Sep 26, 2018 -

Display rack and showcase

The design of the showcase was derived from the combination of display, display and space. In 2000, it was first established in Guangdong/Shanghai/Shenzhen/Beijing. Under the development of the domestic display industry, The earliest front display racks, display cabinets and display racks were uniformly compiled in the showcase.

From the display rack as a starting point, talk about how the display rack design opens the way of transformation, and has a more complete showcase design.

Display racks can be said to penetrate into the terminal sales and entertainment venues of all walks of life. From the perspective of commercial classification, there are typical store display racks, supermarket display racks or shopping mall display racks, exhibition pop display racks, offline activity display racks, and home furnishings. Display racks, etc. From the classification, the development route of the display frame design can be hidden.

Functional diversity

A variety of display racks correspond to a variety of goods.

From the simple display function of the past to the display function derived from the diversity of terminal activities, and even to the strong demand for space in different derivative areas of the terminal activity channel. Although the development history of display rack design in China is short-lived, it has an impressive rise speed.

Now some brand customers have used display racks (display racks, display racks) as regular promotional items in the system, whether it is new product launch or holiday promotion, and achieved good results, to enhance the brand image in the store, create a festive atmosphere, It is helpful to increase sales.

The transformation of the display frame design into the design of the showcase is enough to reflect that the field of display frame design needs to be more and more extensive, even deeper and deeper, including a wide range of subject areas, deep technical and conceptual pursuits, and display frame design needs to be considered. The display rack design needs to take into account the lighting layout,placement layout, display cabinet shape and brand advertising production of the showcase.