Three strokes to teach you to ensure the hardness of corrugated board
- May 14, 2018 -

                              Three strokes to teach you to ensure the hardness of corrugated board

Friends in the carton industry have been chasing the buttocks for customers for a period of time each year and asked the same sentence: Why is it so soft! This problem is really troublesome and difficult to solve, because the fiber used in carton base paper is a kind of hydrophilic material and it is naturally hygroscopic. In wet weather such as the rainy season, when the relative humidity in the air is too high, the cartons are in direct contact with the air and will absorb the moisture in the air, resulting in the production of corrugated cartons, and the entire cardboard is also soft. The face of evasive complaints, or even returns, fines, and compensation, etc., to solve the cardboard softening has become a top priority for the carton factory.

Below, the “Packaging Zone” micro-editing provides you with a package solution to solve cartons softening.


Storage environment

The cardboard after going offline shall be used to remove the vapors that have not been scattered to avoid the formation of condensed water due to temperature difference. The environment for storing cardboard or carton shall be kept ventilated and ventilated. The cardboard cartons shall not be directly placed on the ground, and the pallets (pallets, splints) shall be used. . Pay attention to the space between each other during storage to facilitate ventilation and heat dissipation.


It is recommended to use wood pallets, which can absorb the moisture on the ground, and the size is suitable for cardboard cartons. It is also safe to keep the storage environment ventilated and ventilated, and use the wrapping film for external protection, which can effectively reduce and isolate the phenomenon of weather softening.

Now many manufacturers have started to use dehumidifiers, and if they can ensure that the relative temperature of the warehouse is below 65%, the hardness of the cardboard will increase significantly.


Transportation environment

In the process of product delivery, some use convertible vans, and some use vans. In general, the latter is more able than the former to protect the cardboard board from drying out and avoid softening.


It is recommended to use vans for transport, which is also a common truck used by major supply companies.


Carton processing technology

Corrugated cardboard should enter the next process as soon as possible after it goes down the line from the paperboard assembly line. The longer the cycle, the more easily the paperboard absorbs the moisture in the air and softens.

In addition, when performing printing, particularly multi-color printing or large-scale solid printing, it is easy to cause the carton to be softened due to the pressure of the printing plate.


Minimize the dwell time of the carton during production and processing, and avoid exposing it to moist air for too long and soft. The workshop should also be properly isolated from the outside to avoid direct steam blowing into the workshop.

Before printing, try to ensure the hardness of the corrugated board, printing to avoid excessive pressure. The die-cutting process avoids the use of circular die-cutting processes that have a great deal of damage to the flat press.

In short, the problem of the softening of the carton requires the end of the matter or the problem of moisture. Only by doing everything possible to prevent the cartons from absorbing water during raw paper storage, corrugated board processing, carton processing, warehousing and transportation, we can be hardened.