Paper Display Racks
- Jan 04, 2019 -

Paper display racks, paper shelves have high economic value. For any business form of business, they have the function of attracting customers and promoting goods. At the same time, it has the effect of improving the image of the product and the visibility of the company. Paper shelves, and paper display racks mainly have the following functions:

1. New product notification

Most of the paper display racks and paper shelves are all advertisements for new products. When new products are sold, in conjunction with other publicity media, the use of paper shelves and paper display stands for sales promotion at the sales location can attract consumers' attention and stimulate their desire to purchase.

2. Attract customers into the store

Two-thirds of the actual purchases are made on a temporary basis, and it is clear that retail sales are directly proportional to their customer traffic. Therefore, the first step in the promotion of paper display racks and paper shelves are to attract people into the store.

3. Lead customers to stop

How to attract customers to pay attention to goods and attract interest, paper shelves, paper display racks can attract customers' attention with their novel patterns, beautiful colors, unique ideas, etc., so that they can stop and then produce goods in advertisements. interest. Ingenious, eye-catching paper displays, paper shelves, and paper displays often have unexpected effects. In addition, live advertising, such as on-site operation, trial samples, and free tasting, can also greatly motivate customers' interests and induce purchase motives.

4. Promote the final purchase

Stimulating the customer's final purchase is the core function of the paper display rack, paper shelf, and paper display stand. To this end, we must seize the customer's concerns and excitement. In fact, the previous induction work is the basis for the customer's final purchase. The customer's purchase decision is a process. As long as the promotion work in the process is completed, the result will naturally occur.