Paper Display Racks
- Nov 07, 2018 -

Display rack features: paper display racks for shopping malls, paper display racks, and paper product stacks are made of green corrugated material. Recycled corrugated paper is cheaper, smaller, lighter and lighter than other materials. Freight cost; novel and unique appearance, combined with brand promotion, product display and display, promotion, packaging and other multi-functional effects; promotional floor-standing display stand, paper display stand, paper display stand, paper goods stacking simple assembly, structure The design is reasonable, no tools are easy to assemble, and the product can be displayed perfectly; and the load is strong and strong, and can bear the weight of dozens of times of its own products; the most important thing is that the display stand itself is a free advertising carrier, and the cascading paper display stand for promotion It has excellent advertising effects and display effects, and is the first choice for product promotion and brand promotion.

Detachable Cardboard Retail Display Racks