Paper Display Rack Production Process1
- Mar 29, 2018 -

1, on the structure: This structure we are based on the customer's product packaging size design, for reference only, can not be purchased directly. You can customize similar styles based on your company's product packaging size and display quantity.

2. About the design: We can carry out structural design based on the buyer's product packaging size, the main target market and the positioning of marketing.

3, on the material: I basically use high-strength corrugated paper dust, in line with low-carbon environmental requirements.

4. About the picture: This picture is made by the buyer according to the die line provided by our company. We do the printing according to the buyer's documents.

5, on the price: This price is a reference price, the specific price in accordance with the display structure and size, print screen, material requirements and quantity to adjust.

6, a large number of needs: All the display racks are provided to confirm the effect chart, after signing the purchase contract, free proofing again to determine the production of large goods, our company is a computer production sample is exactly the same with the bulk goods.

7. Small-scale demand: Our company has no MOQ,but we suggest order QTY over 100, and the number is too small and the cost is relatively high.

8, on the freight: Our offer does not include shipping (specified outside), a small amount of goods to go express, the specific costs charged in accordance with the courier company, a large number of goods to take the Shipping agent, the specific freight negotiations.

9, on the return: the company's production of goods are custom, and confirmed after the pre-production. Therefore, please do not hesitate to accept the return terms.

10. About production equipment: With the new Super Fully-opened (1600×1200mm) KBA 4-color printing press and supporting post-press processing, all production steps are not required to be sent out, completely completed in its own factory, and the production quality is fully realized. Protection.

11. Qualifications of the company: Foreign trade export experience in the past 10 years, passed ISO9001-2008, SGS certification

Display rack features: This display rack combines multi-purpose effects such as brand promotion, product display and display, promotion, and packaging. The structure design is reasonable, the assembly is simple, and the product is perfectly displayed.

Advantages of display rack: Compared with other materials, the display rack has low production cost, small size, light weight, low freight cost, good brand publicity, no need of tools, easy assembly, recycling and meet the requirements of low-carbon environment, and is the first choice for product promotion and brand promotion. .


Suitable for display and display of products in different kinds of Supermarkets, specialty stores and chain stores. For example, food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, gifts, etc. products that do not exceed 100kgs can be used in the terminal products of the store Display Showing.

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