Paper Display Rack Production Process
- Mar 27, 2018 -

The Paper Display Rack is emerging from the theme of environmental protection and quickness. In English, it is called POP-display or Cardboard Display, etc. It has more than ten years of history in Europe and the United States and other countries that have developed environmental protection and paid attention to the reuse of resources. In the early days of China, there were two or three professional paper shelf manufacturers in Guangdong, specializing in exports.

The use in the country has been a matter of the past two or three years. Until now, there are still many people who are skeptical about the load bearing capacity of the paper display racks. The production process for the paper display racks is not very clear. The following arguments will cover you one by one!

The first is the design; the most important part of a paper display rack. When we design a display rack for customers, we need to understand the customer's display planning, including market positioning, the evaluation of display effects, the study of store display rules, and more! With such information, we have started to build a set of the most suitable display methods for our customers. Then we will describe these Ideas with a rendering.

After the customer thinks the scheme is feasible, we will add the customer's advertisement screen LOGO and so on and start to make the die pattern.

 After the completion of everything, we will make Prototype. When the proofs are printed, the color proof will be reflected by digital printing. (Because the layout of the paper display rack is large, the cost of proofing on the machine is too high) and a small draft is matched at the time of printing; the process of proofing is as follows;

The knife pattern is input to the computer connected with the proofer, and the knife pattern is die-cut with corrugated paper with a vibrating knife proofer. It takes a certain cost to purchase the automatic proofer. Until now, some manufacturers still use hand-cutting. Of course, admire such manufacturers, but the sample made by the proofer is more accurate!

After the sample is made, it will be sent to the customer for confirmation. After the customer confirms, we will make mass production for the customer.

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