Making Technology of Corrugated box
- Feb 05, 2018 -

1, corrugated box main production process:

1. 1: With the traditional corrugated box production process:

2. Corrugated Carton Size

2. 1: Internal size: Depending on the maximum outer size of the packaging, the number of packaging and packing arrangement, the type of packaging.

2. 2: External size: To take the carton relative to two of the vertical distance of the outside side of the box;

2. 3: Manufacturing Size: That is, carton before the expansion of the size, measuring the expansion of the bottom of the paper.

2. 4: The relationship between the dimensions:

A. Outer size = Internal size +2* paperboard thickness (in fact, consider the thickness loss of the manufacturing process)

B. Manufacturing size = external dimension-coefficient (this factor is generally dependent on the number of layers and material of the paperboard).

C, in fact, must also refer to the characteristics of different customers appropriate to take up and down deviations;

D, carton size design generally there are two ways: according to the maximum outer diameter of the packaging and arrangement of the inner diameter of the carton design, according to the standard container interior space size design carton diameter.