International carton box type standard
- Feb 05, 2018 -

International corrugated box type standard has two categories, one is approved by the International Corrugated Board Association, by the European Corrugated Board manufacturing Industry Federation (FEFCO) and the Swiss Paperboard Association (ASSCO) jointly formulated the International carton box-type standards, the other is Japan, the United States national standards. International carton box type standard box type of text name with a simple 4-digit ~8 digit code, all kinds of box-type in the standard has a legend to check.

The Uniform serial number indicates the different box-type structure in the same box type, and the modification is the standard box type modified by the manufacturer. Different manufacturers variant suffix code is represented by different box type, but with the manufacturer should be the only special. Suffix code to facilitate the establishment of CAD/CAM library or special box gallery.

such as the commonly used 02-type cartons, also known as slotted-type cartons, using a sheet of cardboard molding, the conjoined upper and lower rocker lid can be closed carton. General in the carton factory through the nail, adhesive or tape adhesive to join the joint, the length of the joint is based on the thickness of the corrugated board, generally in the mm~45 mm. Type 02 also has a bottom structure, which is characterized by preventing the items from leaking from the bottom. 02 Corrugated box in the transport of flat-shaped, the use of fashion into the interior of the cover, the most widely used.