How to distinguish these five types of inferior paper towels
- May 19, 2018 -

1, talcum powder: some production units to reduce costs, in the production of toilet paper talcum powder added, in order to increase the retention rate of talcum powder while adding starch, resulting in toilet paper weight, appearance, small size, cheap but very bad use;

2. Too white: Some manufacturers use fluorescent brighteners in production to cater to the consumer's psychology and improve the whiteness of the paper. The fluorescent whitening agent is a complex organic compound with carcinogenic effects. Or the use of a large amount of bleaching powder causes the internal fibers of the paper to be seriously damaged, the paper's pulling force is particularly small, and it is not strong, resulting in a significant increase in the number of uses;

3, there is odor: Some manufacturers of toilet paper application of raw materials are mainly wheat straw and third-class life of waste paper, bacteria exceeded the standard, had to use a lot of chemicals to disinfect, but can not remove the smell of paper, after use will cause more Diseases;

4, to expand: Some manufacturers to increase the size of paper, like popcorn, as in the raw material to add a lot of bulking agent, toilet paper production volume is particularly large, to the consumer caused a large number of toilet paper, and soft illusion, but the use of effect Particularly bad, the pulling force is very small and there is almost no water absorption;

5. Bacteria exceeding the standard in inferior napkins may contain heavy metals such as lead, which may cause adverse effects on human health after long-term use.