Exhibition Stand Design
- Jul 11, 2018 -

In today's developed economy, people for exhibition stand, and how the frames in the commercial space application or how to apply the better, has become the focus of attention by people, but also a lot of enterprise value, because only make good use of space and the relationship between the exhibition stand, can make your goods is more outstanding, achieve the greater publicity and promotion, increase awareness and enterprise sales of goods. Improve the image of a company.

Try to use the size and appearance of the exhibition stand to adjust the size of the space, exhibition stand is adjusted according to the space and design exhibition frame, its size can be according to the size of the space for integrated design and production.

The color spray painting of the exhibition frame is also one of the key points of design, if the design colour can make a reasonable frames of the expansion of the degree will be bigger, can quickly to catch the eye of the customer can also make gorgeous color foil frames and goods more attractive, of course if the space is not large enough, can't choose the color of the high expand feeling for prints exhibition stand, to make full use of color shading for regulating exhibition frames and spatial relationship.

Single Side Shelf Exhibition Stand