Professional Cardboard display Supplier
- Jun 06, 2018 -

Only a 1800mm and a 1200mm die-cutting machine, a squeegee and a glue machine are all available, and a set of equipment for making beer boards is just fine, but the price of laser cutting tools is now on the market. Also not high, we generally use laser knife mold, because the laser knife mold is very efficient, generally we send more than 20 square to mold factory, just one day to complete the use of manual at least four to five days. With the high precision of the laser die, the products made will be even better than those made by the proofer.

The production process arrangements, a company's production process is not smooth along the direct impact on the delivery period.

As far as production is concerned, it is very important for an experienced production manager to have a large number of paper display rack accessories. The manager of each part is responsible for the arrangement and quality control. If the factory's inexperienced shelves are completely out of shape, the quality of paperboard pressure and how to press it will be very particular about each press. It also requires someone to do quality control. One big factory is the first to develop the domestic market in the industry, and it also does a lot. There is no quality control. The things that are produced now are almost the same as factories that have no experience.

As for a company that specializes in paper display racks, it is deceiving to go with a printing press. Generally, it is only printed outside. The amount of paper display racks is not that large. It is unrealistic to assign a printing machine and special cardboard lines.