Cosmetic Counter Display
- Oct 09, 2018 -

What advantages should a quality cosmetics counter display have?

Advantages 1. Convenient deployment

1 When ordering a jewellery display cabinet style, it is conditional on convenient layout.

2 The specifications of the display cabinet are strictly checked.

3 If necessary, the enterprise can apply for the power socket in the cabinet.

Advantage 2, change location

1 Select the appropriate location for the display cabinet.

2 Change the arrangement of the display cabinets.

3 enhance the display effect

Advantages 3. The power supply unit such as spotlights is added to the cabinet to enhance the visual effect.

1 Design a more novel display cabinet style.

2 The display cabinet can be designed as a middle partition that can be rotated to enhance the display effect and facilitate the buyers to view from different angles.

3 Before the exhibition, inform the company to prepare the necessary auxiliary materials, such as support frame and silk cloth, to provide guidance for the company.

Advantage 4, enhance the role of guidance and negotiation

The fonts of the company name and booth number have been enlarged and made more conspicuous.

2 The front side of the jewelry display cabinet is provided with a business card holder. Business contacts can be made with the company even if the buyer cannot find time or find a booth. Most companies support this recommendation.

3 Consider not using a shared display cabinet, and implementing a special cabinet to highlight the individual image of the company.

Judging from the above situation, on the one hand, the buyer agrees with the jewelry display cabinet, and the display cabinet has played a certain role in jewelry display and publicity. On the other hand, the effect of the display on the display cabinet and the role of guiding the negotiation are not Satisfy.

Therefore, the jewelry display cabinet has a relatively good market potential, but needs to be perfected in many aspects such as the functional design and placement of the display cabinet.