Corrugated Box Strength requirements
- Feb 05, 2018 -

1: Side pressure, break, puncture with cardboard. Carton side pressure strength will be lower than paperboard edge pressure (due to the manufacturing process of corrugated loss).

2: Carton compressive strength: (ordinary box type, corresponding to the international box Code: 0201)

Compressive strength = side pressure intensity (n/cm) * Kerikat constant F

The F value depends on the surrounding length of the carton, Cityinn (long + wide) cm, and corrugated type. After the two items are determined, the F value can be checked by table. In fact, the test value of compressive strength is related to the ratio of carton length, width and height. The same peripheral long, the same material leng type carton: The higher the height, the smaller the pressure, the longer * wide bottom area, the greater the pressure.

3. The compressive strength of the package box = corresponding to the compressive strength of the ordinary box type *0.6*1.62* width/carton width.

4, carton, paperboard adhesion strength (corrugated molding peel strength rather than the adhesion of the tongue at the adhesive strength). Separate unit length cardboard paper with corrugated required force.

Unit: n/m blankly. The unification stipulation of industry standard is bigger than 588 n/m blankly.

5. Heap code strength and compressive strength.