Corrugated board strength requirements
- Feb 05, 2018 -

1: Side pressure strength: along the corrugated direction, the length of the corrugated board before the pressure to withstand the maximum force. Unit: n/m.

Side Pressure strength = surface Original paper composite ring compressive strength + composite corrugated ring compressive strength * shrinkage rate

General edge pressure calculation according to the minimum ring pressure strength of the original paper (safe and reliable), the actual test value will be more appropriate than the theoretical calculation value.

2: Breaking strength: The unit area of corrugated cardboard before the rupture can withstand even increase the maximum external force. Unit: kg/cm2.

Paperboard rupture strength = Face paper rupture strength + medium paper rupture strength + bottom paper rupture strength

* Due to the manufacturing process will have a certain strength loss, the actual test rupture strength is less than the calculated value of about 1 kg/cm2.

3: Puncture strength: The new national standard gb6544-1999 has been canceled on the cardboard puncture strength requirements. (Original standard gb6544-1986)