Cardboard Counter Display
- May 29, 2018 -

What are the characteristics and advantages of the cardboard counter display?

1. Economical and practical, green: The cardboard counter displaycan use different paper materials matching according to the requirements of customers and supporting materials. Its cost is far lower than that of wood, iron, plastic and other materials. It is in line with the international environmental protection organizations. Requirements, is a green product, discarded paper holders can be reused through recovery of slurry.

2. Beautiful appearance, eye-catching: The appearance of cardboard counter display can be printed in color, which is an excellent advertising carrier. Its novel patterns, brilliant colors, and unique ideas are in line with the consumer's aesthetic point of view, drawing attention from customers.

3. Advertising and attracting consumption: The cardboard counter display framed the reputation of “silent salesman” And “the most loyal salesman”, using visual arts to intuitively convey information to consumers, creating a strong sales atmosphere, and creating a strong sales atmosphere. Strong desire to buy. Its propaganda can create corporate brand in terminal, improve corporate image, and can create high sales.

4. Lightweight, flexible, and structurally stable: Cardboard counter display stands typically use printing paper and high-hard corrugated cardboard, which are lightweight, foldable, and durable. Different paper materials can also be used according to the requirements of customers and carriers.

5. Fast assembly and convenient transportation: The cardboard counter display can be assembled freely, disassembled quickly, and can be stacked flatly. Suppliers can also ship directly from the production area to the final point of sale for unpacking sales, saving transportation logistics costs. Use it repeatedly.