Box Packaging Design Knowledge
- May 22, 2018 -

Product packaging:

A moon cake packaging bags boxing 2 3 4 beverage packaging pharmaceuticals packaging cigarette cartoning 5 6 7 fireworks candy box packaging food packaging 8 9 10 portable box with 11 boxes of books 15CD box wine packaging box 12 clothing boxes, and so on.

Packing box design steps:

First, the design planning

Second, the design creativity

Third, designed to perform

Design Planning as the first part of its mission is to enable business intelligence business communication design;

Data were collected and compared and analyzed to understand the laws and regulations, research and design constraints.;

Designed to determine the correct form of the design planning process, the need to do the following:

1, the communication with the client

2, to conduct market research

3, to develop packaging design plan