Acrylic Counter Displays
- Jun 25, 2018 -

Acrylic counter displays can be processed in many ways, depending on the structure of the acrylic counter displays itself and the type of product to be displayed.

The common common acrylic counter display processing methods are as follows:

First, bonding: Also known as glue, acrylic glue is used to form two sets of acrylic display panels for adhesive fixation and molding.

Second, engraving: It is suitable for processing the shaped acrylic parts and parts of the acrylic display frame with very porous acrylic parts.

acrylic countertop display stand

Third, hot bending: Suitable for the production of a need to use a piece of acrylic plate as one of the display rack components. For example, a variety of shapes or two surface transitions.

4. Screen printing: This is an optional processing method. If acrylic counter displays need to be printed with a corporate logo, laser laser processing can be used to process the logo. It depends on the logo effect you need.

Fifth, other parts such as cutting, polishing bright edge (polished processing methods) and other processing methods, want to make a good acrylic counter displays, these basic and indispensable.